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The Heart Behind Our Project


Our passion for mountains, antique maps, and micro-milling technology fuels our ambition to rehabilitate cartography as statement pieces of interior decor.

Operating in the emerging field of Art & Technology, we blend natural science with technology to create stunning replicas of Alpine landscapes carved from precious wood to produce a resplendent new genre of decorative artwork.

In reverence to the ever-lasting tradition of Swiss precision, quality, and craftsmanship long associated with fine watchmaking, we call this new genre of artwork "Haute Cartographie".

A Technical & Visual Tour de Force


Paying homage to Switzerland's diverse topography and stunning natural beauty, we named our first signature collection of carved wooden maps "Terra Helvetia".

Our team of amateur map-makers, engineers, and artisans labored during 2 years of arduous R&D to overcome the challenges associated with managing big data in digital manufacturing. We engineered a proprietary "data-to-mill" process (international patent pending) and a suite of software algorithms to transform more than 1'000 GB of geospatial data into Ultra-High-Precision relief maps, crafting the world's first wooden maps micro-milled with a precision of 30 μm.

A Spitz (as we like to call our pieces) is so precise it will awaken anyone's sense of touch and sight, revealing 51 peaks over 4'000m (out of 82 in Europe), notable glaciers, large rivers, and even a few dams.

Technical Trivia

Spindle speed (RPM):150'000
Geospatial dataset (bytes):1012 (1'000 gigabytes)
Processed GCode lines:> 375'000'000
Precision (μm):30
Distance travelled (m):4'272'912

How To Commission Your Spitz?


A Spitz is crafted on demand and can be ordered either from our curated Swiss collection or tailored to match a specific geographic area of your choice.

Either option comes in different sizes (A1, A2, A3) and can be personalized with a choice of pre-selected precious woods (for best results, we recommend Maple, Walnut, or Beech).

Our current favorite is a Spitz milled from Maple wood in a large A1 format (594x841mm), a design we trust will provide the statement of interior decor you seek for your home.

Feel free to contact me directly to discuss your specific requirements and review pricing options.